Creating a new folder in Magic

You can create a new folder in a path that you desire inside Magic's Hyper IDE.

1- Login to your Magic account.

2- On the navigation pane, navigate to Tools > Hyper IDE.

3- Inside the left side tree view, unless you are going to create a folder in the root, find the path you wish to create a new folder in, and select it by clicking on the folder. The selected folder's color will be bolder.

4- You can either use shortkeys on your keyboard to create a new folder, or use the action menu to do so:

     a) Shortkey: Press ALT + B on your keyboard.

     b) Select the vertical ellipsis symbol on top right side of your screen. Select Active folder, and then click on New folder.

5- In the popped up panel, check the path to make sure you are creating the new folder in a correct path.

7- Give your new folder a name. Notice that the field of name cannot contain blank space nor special characters.

8- Click on the Create button and wait for the dialog to get closed. Your newly generated folder is ready!

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