Shortkeys in Hyper IDE

Inside the Hyper IDE, you can run all commands using only your keyboard shortcuts.

You can find the list of shortkeys on the top right corner of the page.

Here are the full list of shortkeys:

Command Sortkey
Toggle fullscreen Alt + M
Search Ctrl + F / Cmd + F
Find next Ctrl + G / Cmd + G
Find previous SHIFT + CTRL + G / SHIFT + CMD + G
Replace SHIFT + CTRL + F / CMD + OPTION + F
Replace all SHIFT + CTRL + R / SHIFT + CMD + OPTION + F
Jump to line Alt + G
Save active file Alt + S
Execute active file F5
Preview active file ALT + P
Close active file Alt + C
Rename active file Alt + R
Rename active folder Alt + L
Delete active file Alt + D
Delete active folder Alt + X
Execute macro Alt + O
Create new file Alt + A
Create new folder Alt + B
Show autocomplete CTRL + SPACE
Indent TAB
Deindent SHIFT + TAB

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