Monitoring endpoint logs in Magic

The importance of application logging

The importance of application logging in software development cannot be underestimated. Although we expect our software to be flawless issues will always occur in the production environment. Having a proper monitoring system to catch such issues requires a robust logging system in place.

What is the application log?

An application log is a file that records information about events occurred within a software application. These events contain errors, warnings, and informational records, which are crucial in monitoring a system.

Monitoring logs in Magic

All the events related to your endpoint inside Magic are being logged for you or your monitoring team to keep your system more stable and robust.

1- On the navigation pane, navigate to Analytics > Log.

2- You will see a full list of all logged events in your system.

3- Events containing error are being displayed in red for you to find them at the first glance.

4- Find the intended record and expand the details by clicking on the row.

5- All the information related to the log will be displayed in the expanded details section.

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