Testing Endpoints in Magic

The process of testing a software during development helps in the early detection of the issues. However, as the project grows in size, manually testing each endpoint becomes boring which overtime leads developers to skip it. That is the reason why automated testing has been introduced. 

In the Magic environment there are predefined assumptions for the automated testing of each single endpoint on your system. You can test them all at once or test them individually.

1- On the navigation pane, navigate to Analytics > Assumptions.

2- Find the endpoint in question and expand the panel to run the test, by clicking on its row.

3- Review the assumption test.

4- Click on the Run button to run the test, and wait for the system to return the result of the test.

5- You can also edit the assumption to test it for other scenarios.

* To run the test on all endpoints at the same time, find the "play icon" on top right hand side of the screen. By clicking on that the automated testing process will start. Wait until you see the result on your screen. Depending on the number of your endpoint, this process might take up to 40 seconds.

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