Generating a frontend website in Magic

Magic provides a fully automated system for generating an Angular frontend website connected to your APIs and modules.

It takes only 1 minute to do the settings and have your fully functioning frontend generated!

1- Login to your Magic system.

2- On the avigation pane, navigate to Tools > CRUD Generator > Frontend.

3- Give your application a name.

4- Select a template that meets your needs.

5- Set the Deployment settings, if the setting differs from the predefined data, by specifying the API URL, deployment domain, and an email address.

6- Under Arguments, select the color palette and your desired theme.

7- Check/ uncheck the modules, under Modules. The checked modules will be added to your frontend website.

8- Select from the available Components by checking the ones you wish to be included into your frontend website.

9- ** Additionally, you can select which endpoints to be added to your system in the autogenerated frontend website. By checking the Advance option on the bottom right of your screen, you will see a full list of endpoints. You can remove each by deselecting it. 

10- Click on the Generate button and wait for it to be generated.

Now you have a fully functional Angular frontend, ready to be deployed!

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