Customer support

Reach out to our dedicated support team for help and guidance.

There are different ways you might want to contact us through.

1- Login to your account, on the bottom right of your screen there is a live chat option.

If our support team are not online or is a long queue, you can write down your request and they will get back to in a short time.

2- Select the Submit ticket link on top of this page and submit your request as a ticket and your request will be handed over to an expert in that field to assist you.

3- Send an email directly to us, using the contact form on aista.com/contact-us. This might take longer for our team to get back to you, since the request will not be read by a support team at first. The process will be as follows. Our general support agent will receive your request and will send it to the technical support department. Technical support agent will then transfer the request to an expert in the field.

4- Call us using the number provided on aista.com/contact-us

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